The New Rhett's Grill & Bar is comming soon. We hope to be open May of 2020.

Sadly, Rhett’s River Grill had to close its doors on July 31, 2019 due to major changes in the shopping center. We were forced to leave which in turn put us out of business. It was a very unfortunate decision for us after serving the Charlottesville and surrounding communities for almost 18 years.

We are in the process of building a new and larger restaurant at Zions Crossroads. Zions is located about 10 minutes outside of Charlottesville off of 64 East. We were sorry to leave Charlottesville, but did not want to take another chance leasing again, and we were able to secure a location to purchase at Zions.

We will still serve the same great food but in a larger and modernized setting. In addition to our regular dining area we will also have a larger bar area with TV’s, a covered patio, and a private dining area for business meetings and special occasions. The dining and bar areas will be separated so each can function in their own unique atmospheres without interfering with one another.

We are hoping to have the restaurant re-opened around the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020. Please follow our progress on Facebook or for urgent questions please contact me using the contact me form.

We look forward to seeing lots of our existing and faithful patrons as well as meeting lots of new ones living in and around the Zion areas.

Warmly, Rhett Craddock

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